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caelia_canta's Journal

You're very eloquent when I'm drunk...
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Welcome to My User Info! This Journal is FRIENDS ONLY!!

Welcome to my userinfo! Since my journal is *Friends Only*, you'll have to comment to be added. If we have anything in common, then you ought to be pretty safe. I use this journal to rave about my various fandoms, but be warned that fandom and seriousness go hand in hand (thanks mmmfishfingers for reminding me to warn people about that...) Feel free to friend me if you want!

Just so you know, my current fandoms include: Get Backers, House, Fruits Basket, Queer as Folk, and a fair number of other things... "Seriousness" can include(and has)school (college craziness) as well as home life (also craziness...) and anything else in general that I feel has some form of importance on my life! I am a veterinary technician pending my acceptance to vet school, so I can usually be counted on for interesting stories from work (although many names/places will likely be altered to protect each individual's privacy).